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June 25, 2022

Interview with Scientific Researcher Marc Nelson

Interview with Scientific Researcher Marc Nelson

Dr. Nicckay interviews scientific researcher Marc Nelson. Marc talks about how to help those that are experiencing obesity and how to loose weight and eat healthy. He gives his own testimony of how he struggled as a child and teenager with obesity and how his organization was birth from his struggle.

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Marc Nelson

Lead Scientific Researcher

Lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research. I have pioneered Body Type Science (The Four Body Types) since 2003 including creating the only Online Worldwide Science-Based Health Community Website which offers the Scientific Body Type Quiz and Scientific Weight Loss Programs (Basic and Advanced). Our website offers free public access to the scientific health knowledge-base & research data, including science-based diet, exercise, lifestyle, metabolism, BMR, Body Mass Index (BMI), fat, skinny fat (normal weight obesity, cellulite, thin fat, saggy skin, loose skin, crepey skin), obesity, vertebrae & muscles/muscle mass development, and genetics/DNA information. We are the ONLY scientific body types in existence. All other body types are unscientific. There is a direct scientific correlation between body type, skinny fat, excess fat, being overweight, and obesity. Our mission is to help wrangle and overcome the global health crisis including the obesity epidemic.