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May 21, 2022



This is part 2 of Jireh's interview she begin to finish and tell us the details of her testimony and how she begin to heal from un-forgiveness and ager because of how she was treated by her previous Pastor.

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Jireh Shoe

Jireh Shoe is a multi- talented young lady with big dreams and goals. She is the high desert queen of lashes. She owns a business called Layanna Lashes. She is a young prophet in the making a praise and worship dancer. She ministers to youth and women in her age group. She is a beautiful soul from the inside out. She has experienced trauma, heartache and pain. She has been on platforms across the nation telling her testimony to help others heal. She was healed from narcissist abuse in the church by her former pastor and she tells her story of healing, hope, forgiveness and deliverance.