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Dorothy O'Dell

Author/live show host/wife/step-mom

Dorothy Graham O’Dell child of God, wife, stepmom, and loving daughter. Dorothy just wrote her first book called The Overcomer. She shares her obstacles of overcoming being bullied in school for her weight, low self-worth issues, growing up with parents who were sick, the trauma of her uncle’s suicide, and leaving emotionally abusive relationships. She hopes that this book will help others overcome their obstacles and know they are not alone in their struggles. She has also started a coaching business helping women overcome their obstacles and public speaking. Her goal is to help thousands of people know they can do anything they set their mind to and know their self-worth and to never settle for less than the best, to always be who God created them to be. To live their dreams, not someone else’s.

A Conversation with Dorthy ODell

A Conversation with Dorthy ODell

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